Saturday, 30 November 2013

Which one ?.. so confusing !


I'm getting nowhere fast in my choice of camera !  I won't pretend I know what I'm talking about 'cos I don't -  I wish I had someone to help me, the only thing I've decided on, is that it will be green - naturally.

Shop assistants don't seem to be knowledgable at all, the only thing they are interested in is selling you the dearest one they can so they get some more commission before Christmas !

This is a typical womans choice isn't it ?  get the colour right first !!
Must get one soon, I have so much to show you.  I've been working on 'Altered Couture' doesn't that sound grand ?  actually it's just taking used clothing and remodelling it into something wild and wonderful.
I'm struggling a little with the concept of it though, I made all my own and all my childrens clothes, and neatness and accuracy was vital, with altered couture, it seems to be the opposite, ends aren't finished off, bits are left hanging, and uneveness is the norm.  I'm having to stop myself from 'tidying up' too much, which I understand, defeats the object.
I do like doing it though, there is a great sense of freedom, just slapping some fabric on here, a piece of lace there, some odd buttons and anything at all really, so each item is totally unique.
Anyway, I'll post some pics as soon as I can
take care peeps ................


  1. Yes, the green one looks like the right one to me! I wish I could help. I know very little about cameras. :)

    1. Thank you Henny - I will take your advice - the green one looks right.
      ha ha



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