Thursday, 19 December 2013

A Jacket for 50p, food bargains and an offer from Staples ............


I have some frugal stuff to show you :

Packs of mixed veg with herbs reduced from £1 to only 5p.

Crispy coated parsnips for only 10p.  they were delicious - I'm going to have a go at making these when I get some reduced parsnips, just a basic batter I should think with some herbs added.

Now these were mouthwateringly gorgeous !  carrots, onions, coconut and lemongrass soup mix - the smell whilst cooking had me drooling at the mouth and the soup was fantastic, I've frozen several portions and eaten two so far.
Now these come in packs of four of course, but as is my usual habit, I forgot to photograph them before tucking in.  Oh my these are so lovely - very thick yoghurt topping, so thick the spoon stands up in it, just as I like it, with a very generous bottom layer of healthy blueberries, and the cost ?  49p - for 4, so I had 8 yogs for 98p !  why make your own ?

Look at this jacket, sorry about the shadows, I haven't quite round to getting that sorted yet, but the jacket was only 50p - brand new, unworn.  It's a denim fabric, and will do very nicely for next spring.
I had to get some ink cartridges this morning, and they are so expensive for what they are.  I've tried the refillable ones but just get in an awful mess, and I've bought them online, but they just don't print properly, so I found that Staples are the best quality and the cheapest, cheaper than the supermarkets even.
Anyway, the guy there told me that if I save my old cartridges and bring them in next time I need some new ones, there would be money deducted from the full price i.e. if you save 5, you get £10 off, now that's worth having, and if you have more than one 'puter/printer in the house you could easily get that.  I think he said it's £3 off for three cartridges, not sure about that though.  So I popped my used ones in the packets and stored them away until needed. 
You know peeps, there's money savings/offers/reductions everywhere if you just look for them and take advantage.
So as you can see I have my super duper camera up and running.  OK, I have a lot to learn yet I know, I will play around with the lighting, flash etc., to get it right when I get one of these:
 also I haven't even looked at all the zillion other capabilities it has, having got this far has scrambled my poor old brain cell, so forgive me if I go and lie down in a darkened room !
take care peeps ............


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