Thursday, 5 December 2013

Altered Couture ?


Well that's what it's called - 'Altered Couture', but my British reserve prevents me from describing myself as a designer of Altered Couture !  As I said before, it's a method of taking pre-loved/second hand/used clothing, and remodelling them by cutting, shaping and adding anything you like, bits of lace, contrast fabrics, flowers - anything goes !

As you can see there is a magazine devoted to this method of dressmaking.  Lucky me !  I've had a subscription bought for me for an early Christmas present.  The current issue arrived today together with one or two back issues  it's NOT cheap ! but worth it, it's full of ideas and inspirational stuff.  It's interesting to see how it's done.
I'm still struggling with the concept of not finishing off properly, i.e. leaving bits un-neatened and just cut and left - it goes against the grain, but having said this, I am enjoying it, it is different, it is satisfying to make and there seems to be a call for it (even though some of it looks like it's come from the local playgroup sewing class !)
I think it used to be called 'make do and mend' ! - but this is more fashionable and interesting and results in one-off exclusive designs.  It's certainly not difficult, anyone that knows their way around a sewing machine could do this, I'll post some pics of my efforts soon.
So tonight, it's feet up with several cups of tea whilst pouring over my lovely magazines making plans for my 'Altered Couture' -  he he he
take care peeps .............


  1. I've heard of altered books as an art form but this is the first time I've heard of altered couture! Interesting!

  2. Hi, yes I've worked on altered books too, that's a lovely craft.
    I have loads of fabrics/clothes etc., that I can use up. I'm glad I found this 'altered couture' but just saying that makes me cringe ! I prefer to call it re-fashioning - sounds a tad more modest don't you think ?

  3. Good luck! I am still in the "standing and staring" stage. I just cannot do it like Lynn does! I don't know where to cut first so I re-fold everything and put them away thinking I will try again later. :)

  4. I like the sound of that, altered couture. Going to have to check it out - thanks!
    Thanks for stopping by YONKS today, good to see you :-)



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