Monday, 23 December 2013

Are you nearly there ? have you finished your Xmas preparations ?


So, how are you all doing then ?  rushing around like 'coloured flies' or have you finished the shopping/preparations etc ?

Even though at my great time in life !!  I say I won't get too involved in Christmas etc., it's sooo difficult to keep away from it.

I have bought the presents I want to buy, and have some fruit/veggies here to cook for the Xmas dinner,  I've been in the local shopping mall, and tried my best to switch off from the 'buy buy buy atmosphere', but sadly, it still gets to me.

I am alone, apart from my feline family of course, and I can't stop the memories from flooding back, memories from when my 3 children were young, and they and I loved Christmas, the build up, the atmosphere, everything was magical.

Sending messages up the chimney for Father Christmas, baking mince pies, Christmas pudding, decorating the house, getting stressed out (all part of it) - all gone now.

So if you are a young Mum, tearing your hair out, and worrying about how you will manage - you will !  treasure this time, your children will remember.

I had some news this morning, not unexpected, but made me feel so much of an outsider in a situation that I should be 'part of' -

I hope the younger generation can live with what they have done ..........


  1. Thank you Debra, I hope you have a good 'un !

  2. Whatever the 'situation' is that has made you feel like an outsider, I am sorry that it has arisen. I hope you have a peaceful and happy day tomorrow with your lovely cats - they give unconditional love :-)
    Two of my three children are with partners who consider me their rival for affection and attention and not an ally or a friend. It's very sad because I am no way a rival, I think it speaks of their insecurity and not my failure as a m-i-l.
    I used to stress about it, but now I realise that I cannot change them or the situation, all I can do is continue to be myself, to offer them help and support as needed and hope that things work out in the end.

  3. Thank you for those words Carrie, indeed this 'ally or friend' has been locked out !
    It hurts, but as you say, we have to go on and look forward - our situations are similar - two out of my three are 'estranged' which means the grandchildren too of course.
    Like you, I won't beat myself up about it anymore, I have done nothing wrong, I used to be close to them, but their partners felt threatened.

    So have a lovely time dear Carrie - and I hope 2014 brings you everything you want.
    (((hugs))) from me and the cats !

  4. Merry Christmas Wean, I am sorry to hear that your family situation isn't ideal (I think that can be said for most families!), but I do hope you have a lovely day tomorrow and that you look after yourself xxx

    1. Thank you Sooz, you have a lovely day too.


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