Monday, 30 December 2013

Back to Normal ......... resolutions and looking forward ......


Well it's New Years Eve tomorrow - I can't don't stay up for the new year celebrations, I'm always too tired.  Every year we hope the new year is going to be better, healthier, brighter, etc., and at the end of it we are all disappointed because life has taken it's toll, kicked us about a bit as they say and seems to bring us more problems than solutions, but we have a choice, keep on fighting or give up.

 I know people who have given up and they are sad, empty, miserable unfulfilled shrivelled shells of humanity - selfish and bitter, bemoaning what life has thrown at them, but not prepared to get off their *****'s and do anything about it.  It's hard I know, but we must always have a dream, something to aim for, something to work towards, otherwise what's the point ?

Resolutions - are they worth making ?  probably not, they're just a bit of fun, I think even the most determined person runs out of steam very quickly if they don't see results and solutions.

Instead of having resolutions, have a goal, a dream, and never give up on it, however dis-heartened you may get. Take a deep breath, dust yourself down, and start all over again - (sound familiar ?)

I have a dream - (sound familiar ?) it's taking a while to get there, but I try to achieve small goals towards the bigger picture all the time, sometimes these baby steps are so small as not to be noticed, but on looking back over a month or week, I see what I have done - so onwards and upwards peeps, to infinity and beyond - (sound familiar ?)

The Journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step - (sound familiar ?)

I'm hoping to pay off a couple of small debts in 2014, work on more 'altered couture' designs, and build on the Etsy shop.  I need to save as much as I can towards my dream of course, living frugally comes naturally to me, I don't think there is much more I can do to save money, but I'm always open to new suggestions and ideas.  I certainly don't know it all.

Looks like there is a big move on the cards for 2014, but it will be bitter sweet, and is in the hands of the Gods, it will happen when it happens.

OK after all that motivational stuff, I hope you are not too much heavier after Christmas, I hope you got the gifts you wanted, and had a good time with your families and friends.

I just noticed I've topped 50,000 pageviews !  that's wonderful, thank you all so much for visiting and reading my verbal meanderings, I appreciate it.

Back to the vet today, Sopicat needs his monthly injection, and Lady Leah 1 is looking a bit wobbly on her legs, so best get her checked out too.  Here they are, brother and sister.

I have withdrawal symptoms from not visiting the charity shops for a couple of weeks, so I will do a quick tour of them today if I can fit everything in that needs doing.

Have a nice day peeps .........


  1. you sound very busy!!! Hope al goes well at the vet and that you find lots of treasures while thrifting!!



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