Monday, 9 December 2013

Backtrack by Royal Mail and 'weigh day'.....


A while ago I wrote about the fact that Royal Mail had dramatically increased their prices for sending parcels/packages.

Because of their increases, it was cheaper to use a private courier to pick up from your home and deliver to the door of the buyer - I know - hard to believe isn't it ??

Anyway, I think the Royal Mail must have taken a massive hit with this one,  Post Offices were noticeably 'short' on queues because mail order companies/Ebay sellers were using couriers - who must have been rubbing their hands in delight.  When margins are so tight, it must be hard to break even with some items.

So now (I'm sure you have noticed their advertising campaign) they have re-introduced the £2.60 parcel, not only re-introduced it, but it seems the criteria is different too, you can send even bigger parcels than before for £2.60.

That's good because businesses that depend on mail orde must have been finding it difficult and from a personal point of view it will help me too.  I sell only 2/3 items per month on Ebay (clearing the cupboards) but recently have been embarrassed to quote a fair P&P charge for buyers, it has been so expensive.  I don't charge extra for packing anyway, just the postage. 

So that's my little 'thought of the day'

Re the 'diet' - I haven't lost anything at all this week ! very disappointing.  Mind you, I only have 4 pounds to go so I won't give up.

I haven't eaten a single cake, biscuit, crisp, or any other rubbish, and my potato/bread intake has been very low as well, so I can only assume, it's the portion sizes, so for the next week I'll be eating smaller portions and see what happens next Tuesday, watch this space.

take care peeps ...........


  1. I just mailed 3 xmas parcels last night to destinations within Canada. It cost me $35 which is about £20. It's only feasible to mail something now if it's expensive and worth the postage.

    1. That's a lot isn't it ? I suppose the good thing is with Ebay is that the buyers pay for it. I just refunded a buyer because the postage was cheaper than expected, she is ecstatic ! but I don't like it when people overcharge me for postage so I don't do it to other people.
      take care



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