Sunday, 1 December 2013

Can you believe this ? .........


I came across this today - the forerunner of the adjustable dressmakers dummy ?

“Dressmaker’s Form” Easily Duplicated (May, 1938)

“Dressmaker’s Form” Easily Duplicated
FOR the many people desirous of designing their own clothes or who have a figure that does not conform to “standard” or “ready made” sizes, this new type of dress form, invented by a Miss Cora Smith, should be ideal.
With Miss Smith’s system it is merely necessary to swathe the “model’s” figure in tissue paper, secure it with tape, such as is used in package wrapping, then slit it up the back and remove from the human body. A coat of shellac is applied, allowed to dry for 3 days and a second coat is applied; the form is now complete. To use it, the form is set upon any flower stand, or post, raised to the proper height.
Thereafter, it is merely necessary to slip the dress on the replica and make whatever alterations are desired.

I like the way it says 'easily duplicated' - strewth, I don't fancy being wrapped in tissue paper and taped up thank you very much !

take care peeps .................


  1. As expensive as dress forms are, that's a good idea. But, you could have the dress made by the time you did all that wrapping, taping, painting and drying for 3 days, and painting and drying again! Women sure had a lot of patience back then!

  2. and if you put on a pound or two you would have to do it all again ! I have one of those adjustable ones and you're right, it was expensive, but it is a 'one off' buy, and so worth it.



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