Saturday, 7 December 2013

Can you Really get Something for Nothing and Earn Money Online ? YES YES YES !!


Well of course you can, especially if you use Freecycle and Freegle, I do it all the time and save myself a small fortune.

Skip diving used to be a favourite pastime of mine (no I didn't actually 'dive' in the skip) until the local councils here in Shropshire stopped people taking stuff, which seems a bit silly to me, after all, it's recycling isn't it ?
What they do now is allow the guys who work there to help themselves to the goodies, and then they hold regular sales and keep the profits - not sure if that should be allowed either, but hey ho there you go.

I've tried zillions of ways to earn online, some work, some don't, some are just scams.  BUT peeps, there is one that definately is not a scam, works and pays every time - 'what is it' I hear you ask eagerly ?

It's Swagbucks of course.  Yes I know I've plugged this before, and I'm unashamedly doing it again 'cos it's a no-brainer that works !

If you haven't signed up - for goodness sake why not ?  The link is here on the left.

There's no upfront payment, no monthly contract, and no missing payouts, 'cos you use your earnings as and when you want, I've had no trouble yet - what more do you want ?

All you do is download their toolbar and use it instead of Google or whatever you use - end of.

At the time of writing, I've had well over £250 worth of books from Amazon using my Swagbucks vouchers - and I have another £40 still to be 'spent', and that's a little over 12 months, I think that's good.  I choose books because I love them, I don't like using the library because I have to take them back !

You don't have to use Amazon but I like it 'cos you can use your 'earnings' in any department you like, but there's dozens of other outlets you can use.  I just bought my latest camera from Argos through Swagbucks, and I got 4 Swagbucks per £ spent - now that's worth having.

I do very nicely thank you just using the search facility and the daily polls, but there's loads of other ways you can 'earn' i.e. surveys, games, watching ads and videos, shopping etc. etc.,  and if you get your kids to use it too, your points will add up even more quickly.

I think there's an option that allows you to 'connect' each computer in the house to the same account, but I only have the one as there's only me, so you would have to research that for yourselves.

'All very well' I hear you say 'but I need cash' - no problem little peeps, you can also have your earnings paid into Paypal !!

Now don't think you have to sit in front of the computer for hours, you certainly don't, I don't, I don't have the time, in fact this works best if you have a searching 'session', leave the 'puter for a while and come back to it - guaranteed Swagbucks !

The average is about 6 - 12 Swagbucks each time you are rewarded, (2/3 times a day) you get 50 extra on your birthday, and I was surprised last week to get 47 in one award !!  To get 12 points on a storecard, you have to spend £12 - as our American friends say - go figure !

I've included pictures on here of some of my 'awards', I can't do screenshots - but you get the idea.

So off you go then - linky here in the left sidebar, and yes, I will get rewarded if you sign up, but so can you if you choose to put a link on your blog (not compulsory).

So do yourselves a favour, start earning, and  make an old lady very happy ..........

Just remember to 'train' yourself and your family to stop using shortcuts and favourites and search each time, that's the way to do it.

Just imagine if you started now and saved up until next Christmas - it would be all paid for !

By the way, this is global, so you can sign up wherever you live in the World - so no excuses !!

take care peeps ...........

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