Friday, 13 December 2013

Just a Couple of tips ........


I've had some emails saying how pleased peeps are with the results they are getting from Swagbucks, but they are only using the toolbar, so here are just one or two tips to increase your 'rewards' by quite a lot.

First, ALWAYS make sure you are logged into Swagbucks, it's easy to forget and lose some awards.

Then, always, always use the Swagbucks search facility - that's how you get your points awarded to you - it's just a matter or training yourself to do this, don't use your 'favourites' or 'shortcuts' if you can help it.  Then click on the 'Swagbucks' logo in the top left hand corner of the toolbar which you will have downloaded, you then have an option of showing your progress, click on this, it's encouraging to see how you are doing.  It shows your daily 'awards', you are allocated a daily target - just for fun, no pressure,  my target is only 30 a day which I achieve quite comfortably with the daily awards, then you get a bonus !

Then click on 'Daily Poll' this is exactly what it says on the tin ! just a question with multi choice answers for you to click on, things like what's your favourite colour/meal/holiday, yes I know all intellectual stuff, but it all mounts up, then directly under that will be 'NOSO' which means 'no obligation special offers' again, self explanatory, you just click through 5/6 boxes to get another 2 points.  These two take about 10 seconds a day but mount up to 90/93 points a month - worth the little effort.

Whilst on that page you will see loads of options to earn more points (Swagbucks) quick videos about 8/10 seconds will earn you another 1/2 points, whilst longer trailers can get you more.  If you have a little time to kill, these are a good option.

The surveys are the best way to earn without a doubt, they're free of course, and can net you anything from 25 - 100 points !  recommended.  I don't do these because I don't seem to fall into a catagory they want i.e. 'Old wrinkly who doesn't know **** all about anything technical, holidays abroad, loans, teenagers'  etc. etc.,  but if you are a 'Mum' with growing family or are upwardly mobile as they say, these surveys will definately be of use to you.

The last one for this morning is shopping, not something I'm prone to do acutally, but even I've made use of this option recently with my camera, I bought it through Argos, which is one of Swagbucks partners, and not only got £100 off the full price but also 4 x Swagbucks per £ spent.  I was well pleased with that, even though I'm needing a university degree to get my head around said camera !

Here are a few other places to shop:

  M & S,  Benefit Cosmetics,  Top Man,  Home Base  all give 40/80 Swagbucks per £10 spent
there's dozens more of course just check them out, and don't forget the option of having cash paid into Paypal.  (oh I should say, shopping has to be done online in order to get 'paid')

So I hope this answers your questions, if I can help further, just ask and good luck !

Oh one more (important) thing,  when you want to redeem your points, click on the 'on sale' option first, I always use this, as you know I always use Amazon and it 'costs' 1000 Swagbucks to get one of their £5.00 gift cards, BUT I've never had to 'pay' this much, they always seem to be 'on sale' at 849 or even 649 points, recently got a £25.00 voucher for just over 3000 points, that sounds a lot, but I'm always amazed at how quickly the total adds up if you do a few of the things I've mentioned above.  I'm also amazed at how they can give away so much - it is obviously working for them (and us).

take care peeps .............

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