Tuesday, 17 December 2013

pantomime .......


This morning, I called at my local small town and spent  eleventy nine hours trying to park !  very unusual, but the reason being that the theatre there had started it's Panto season, and loads of coaches were bringing small children for their school trip to see the Panto.

The atmosphere was electric, the children so excited !  I waited for 9 - yes 9 ! coaches to unload (with still more waiting to get into the car park) then decided to 'try' to get out. (not an easy thing to do)
I never went to a Panto as a child, but I think it is a 'must' to be included in the Christmas Traditional 'things to do'
For those 'overseas' readers, a British 'Pantomime' is definately a one off - something you love or hate, something that can't be described, but seems to be increasingly popular, even in these days of i-pods, blackberry's, kindles, etc.etc.,

long live childhood !!  long live Great Britain !!
take care peeps ...............


  1. We don't have the Christmas Panto tradition here in Canada. Can't say that that's a bad thing. Their incredible appeal eludes me, I must confess, from any I've seen on TV.

  2. It's a kiddie thing, dating way back before ipods, blackberries, Xboxes etc., just a bit of silly harmless Christmas fun.

  3. You know me...I don't have a clue as to what a Panto is. You make me laugh..eleventy nine hours!

  4. Actually Henny, I don't think many here in UK could define what panto is !
    It's a sort of play/comedy/drama/musical based on nursery rhymes, i.e. the one showing near me is Alladin this year, it's a sort of mis-mash of comedy and entertainment, crazy colourful costumes and crazier scripts, they always feature top stars/performers who deem it an honour to appear.
    Small amateur players always present their own enterpretations too.
    Women dress as men, men dress as women - with ridiculous make up, and lots of slapstick comedy, the kiddies love it.
    It's as traditional as Chrismas Pud, Santa and crackers here, they are showing all over the country right now - but you would have to experience a panto to understand it (if ever!)
    you could always google it if you want to know more.
    hope you are well.


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