Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Things will be different this time ............ won't they ?


Well, it's here, my new super duper, all singing, all dancing, state of the art, cutting edge, wakes you up with a cup of tea, camera !

Trouble is, it is accompanied with an instruction 'manual' the thickness of the yellow pages.

Soooooooooooo, I'm really looking forward to this, I WILL remain calm, I WILL NOT blame the manufacturers because the instructions are wrong, I WILL NOT throw my teddy out of my pram and stomp off in a strop, I WILL NOT throw said camera at the wall (not a good idea)  I WILL NOT blame the state of the country, the Prime Minister, the Welfare State, the idiots that print the booklets, the weather or my Mother for potty training me too early - no, I WILL remain calm - I will crack this thing, I am British Damnit !!
Cue rousing chorus of 'Rule Brittania'
Now normally, when presented with anything technical, i.e. new HD TV, mobile phone, satnav, etc. etc., (and camera!), trying to 'get it' drives me almost to the point of a mental breakdown. Why is everything written in 'geek speak' ?? making us lesser mortals feel like we have the intelligence of the average slug ?
If I don't surface within the next 48 hours, send the emergency services.
I'm going now, I may be some time ...................

take care peeps ................



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