Monday, 16 December 2013

Why blue ?


Life is keeping my busy at the moment, as it does, it's the 'silly season' again.

Everyone is supposed to be happy and cheerful and full of the joys of Christmas, but I'm sorry to say that's a load of rubbish ! and no, I'm not a 'bah humbug' type, just realistic. (don't get me started)

So, what colours do you think of when you think of Christmas ?  surely it has to be red, green and white, with silver and gold possibly ?

  but blue ?  BLUE ??  why on earth am I seeing blue lights dripping from every house and tree everywhere I look ?  This looks like an ice house, cold and unwelcoming.

Blue is definately not a traditional colour of Christmas and it's getting me annoyed !  it's about as acceptable as the modern trend for brightly coloured  Christmas trees, I mean have you seen the black one ?  that's about as cheerful as being in a funeral parlour !  actually I do funeral parlours a misjustice here, I used to work in one (oh yes I did)  I was there at 4 am and literally cleaned around the bodies in their coffins !  anyway I digress, I was going to say that even funeral parlours have brightly coloured Christmas trees - well the one I worked in did.  Imagine having a black one in there ?  strewth, you'd really want to go and slash  your wrists wouldn't you ?

I can imagine all you trendy young things saying it matches your 'decor', but that's not what it's all about is it ?  matching your Christmas tree to your cushion covers and rugs ?

So a few days to go yet before the big day, I must admit I used to love Christmas when the children were young, but now they've all fled the nest with families of their own, it definately isn't the same.

I had Chrismas music/carols playing on the record player all the time (for those under 30, that's a turntable that you placed vinyl records on to play!) and the house was definately 'decked with boughs of holly', and mistletoe and ivy come to that, even the staircase had garlands, it was magical.

I made sure there were Christmassy 'smells' coming from the kitchen, i.e. hour upon hour spent baking, puds, chocolate logs, mince pies, tarts of all sorts - it seems like it's a quick trip down to Iceland these days for all the goodies.

My Christmas list this year will consist of gift vouchers - how I hate them !  it seems that it is the easy way out, and that no thought has been put into buying a suitable gift, but it's nigh impossible these days to choose the right gift. I used to love buying gifts and wrapping them and seeing the look of surprise on peoples faces when they opened them, but now it's all gone.

I can see the good side though, it's better to give a voucher/token and allow the recipient to choose their own gift than to get something that isn't needed/not liked/wrong size etc. etc.,

I said to my son once, that I don't like buying vouchers because it looks like I haven't put much thought into it, he said, 'well think about then, and then buy them'  - ha ha  - I can't fault his logic !!

It's too soon to wish you Merry Christmas, but I hope your preparations are going well and not stressing you out too much.
Take care peeps ............


  1. I have never liked the red and green lights, but have always chosen the white ones. They are like the stars in the sky and they make me happy as I watch them twinkle. The new LED lights are very nice now, with their colors not having the yellow tinge to them, and are much more energy efficient.

    I think looking back to what was and what we had years ago can make one melancholy. It seems so sweet, but times change,and nothing remains the same and that can sting. However, we make the best of it and move forward and find so peace in that.

  2. Well, traditions change. The good changes will become the new traditions and the bad ones will fall by the wayside.

  3. Yes, that's what seems to happen, but to me, it can't be called a 'tradition' if people change the criteria at a whim to suit themselves.
    I mean, if no one liked pancakes, would it still be pancake day ? if they liked sausages instead, should we call it 'sausage day' and do away with the tradition ? ha ha


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