Friday, 3 January 2014

Bargain overload .............. !


I use bottled water - I know some folks will argue that it comes out of the tap so why pay for it, but I can honestly taste the difference and I'm not sure what the 'powers that be' are putting in it, so that's probably my only concession to not being too frugal, but in my defence, I do buy own brand and at 17p a bottle, that's still pretty thrifty.

Any way I'm digressing again, I'm telling you this so you know the reason I was in the supermarket at 10.30 pm last night - I'd run out of water.

These were just sitting in the reduced section, and there's no way I was walking away without them.

Look at this lovely selection of breads and rolls, all for 10p each.

Butternut squash, bananas and carrots - all 10p a bag.

Selection fruits, apples for 10p a bag, small  packs of watermelon for 5p each.

Just look at this ! packs of 4 French thick blueberry yoghurts for 14p a pack !

More delicious yoghurt for only 12p a pack !

More yoghurt - weightwatchers this time for 7p a pack

ooh and what's this ?  more yoghurt, must have some of that - this time it's the luxury kind, large pots at only 9p a pot - YES 9p a pot !!!
Well you've got to haven't you ?  so all that good stuff, fruit, veggies, yogurt and good bread for just over £2, what a bargain. 
I hope you are going to be 'yellow sticker' hunting this year ?  you know it makes sense .........
take care peeps ..........


  1. Brilliant bargains!
    Hope you have plenty of space in your freezer :)

    1. I'm trying to empty my freezer but with bargains like this I've got no chance

  2. we never ever had buys like that here!!

    1. Hi Laurie,
      they're not there all the time, the best bargains are usually about an hour before closing - when they either can be sold cheaply or have to be thrown away. It's a matter of being there at the right time.

  3. You find such good deals! Just wish I knew what 5p and 10p is compared to US money?? :)

  4. Henny, I 'think' 5p is 10cents

  5. Have you ever used a Brita filtration system? I think in the long run, it's cheaper than buying bottled water.

  6. Hi Debra, yes I've had one of those in the past but kept forgetting to buy/renew the filters, and found them a bit expensive.



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