Saturday, 11 January 2014

Bloggers block ............


I don't know where all my ideas have gone, I had a load of things to blog about, and when I got up this morning I couldn't think of one of them - do you ever feel like that ?

I must write them down in future.  It's been a long day, I seem to have been up forever, actually that's not far from the truth, I was still awake just after 2.30 am and up again at 7.  Perhaps that's why I can't think.  I am a raving insomniac - I get about 3/4 1/2  hours sleep a night if I'm lucky, don't know why, my brain just won't switch off.
The houses over the road are looking a little dark and lost now.  They put on a lovely display of lights all over Christmas and New Year, I feel I should go and thank them.  It's a shame isn't it, that they don't see them themselves.
I'll be back tomorrow hopefully with a little more to say, in the meantime, I thought you'd like these, they're showing on the box a lot just lately and I think they're great. 

Time for feet up with a cuppa, TV on and some knitting I think.

take care peeps ...............



  1. oh my, you need more sleep, have you tried Nature's Calm, its a magnesium drink that calms your whole body allowing sleep to come, nothing worse than watching someone else sleep when you can't! Take care,

    1. Thank you Laurie, I'll look for that. I like the fact that it is a drink and not pills. I hate taking pills ever since I accidentally took too many a few years ago to try to kill the pain from an abscessed tooth while waiting to get into the dentist, and nearly killed myself !

  2. Definitely write your ideas down. I have a note book otherwise I would be completely stumped at writing time sometimes.mhave a great day Wean.

  3. Yes, I have started today. Sometimes I think 'oh the peeps would like to hear about this or that' and then promptly forget about it - duh !

  4. Oh, Wean, yes I do get blogger's block. Those commercials were perfect, though! Very cute!! It was fun seeing something that you guys see over there. :)




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