Thursday, 9 January 2014

Two sweet frugal finds, more bargains and a bit of chat ...........


Hello to Belinda,the latest follower, thank you for joining.  Belinda is from Tennessee, isn't it wonderful how blogging brings friends together from all over the world ?  I'm always amazed when I check the 'audience' tab and see just where people are viewing from - makes me feel very humble.

I went to the boot sale last Sunday, where I live, there is one a short walk away and it has moved under cover which is great.  It is now housed on the ground floor of a multi storey car park, so is dry and out of the wind.  Actually when I say multi story, I think it's only 3 floors high, but as the small town I live near is on the up and up, there is another multi story being built and will open in a couple of months.  It seems the recession hasn't hit here, shops are booming, houses are selling, not too much unemployment, and the town center is being extended to more than double with more facilities, i.e. extra hotels, lakeside apartments, leisure facilities, plus restaurents,shopping mall of course, and up-market offices to let.  It's providing work for lots of builders, and that can't be bad.

I have seen all the changes here, I moved in the 70's when building started, when a couple of cars on the road was considered a traffic jam !  It's a very open and green town, grass and trees everywhere, you feel you can breathe.

I moved about a bit, had a couple of smallholdings, life decided otherwise and here I am back where I started all that time ago.  I am originally from Birmingham.

Sometimes sadness creeps over me like a dark blanket, opportunities lost, family estranged, and now soon I must prepare for yet another big move - don't want to talk about that yet, but I'm certain it will be this year.

Moving swiftly on ................

Back to the boot sale, I picked up a black cardigan/jacket, BHS.  The guy said his wife didn't want it because it was ripped, it wasn't ripped, the seam had just come undone a little. Some people just don't look do they, or can't be be bothered to repair stuff.  I put a sheet of A4 paper behind it so you can see, black is not the easiest colour to photograph.

Anyway, literally 2 minutes later, we have a lovely black wool boucle jacket, with white knobbly bits, tailored collar, two pockets and a nice length that covers the bulgy bits - all for 30p - now that's frugal.  Here it is - done.

The other find is one I'm really delighted with and couldn't believe it when I pulled it out from under a pile of other stuff.  It's a hand worked needlepoint cushion cover !  in my most favourite shades of greens, creams and browns.  It features two fat Victorian style piggies and is beautifully worked.  I don't know whether to keep it as a cushion cover of frame it.  There is deep green velvet on the back (a bonus) which will be used in other crafty projects.  It cost 20p.

That picture quality isn't very good is it ?  the pigs don't have waves in them - they must be camera shy ! I can't have wobbled the camera as the rest of it is OK, oh well you get the gist don't you ?

And of course it wouldn't be my blog without some food bargains would it ?  here they are :

Lovely large packs of washed and prepared French beans for 20p, bananas and apples for 10p and a lovely prepared salad for 20p.

Four loaves of 'good' bread i.e. Hovis and Warburtons, one in the breadbin and three in the freezer.
and these .......... forgive me Father for I have sinned !!

It was a bitty day yesterday, I hate bitty days, scurrying here and there and not seeming to move one step forwards.

First a trip to the post office with two small packages, items sold on Ebay.  Then a couple of miles to the 'drop off' point for another parcel being sent by courier, then another couple of miles to the bank to pay a bill, then on to the vet to collect some tablets for Sopicat and Leah, and finally into Tesco for one or two bits and pieces, I seem to have spent most of the day just parking and getting in and out of the car.

It was a productive evening however, I made a 'collar' a sort of short scarf which I am going to add the decoration today and a pair of matching spats.  You'll get pictures when they are finished, they are destined for the shop.

Well that's enough natter for today, hope you are all well,

take care peeps ................

PS just noticed - my camera is telling me 'batteries exhausted' - they're not the only things ! but that explains the picture quality.


  1. It looks like you had a good day at the sale. That jacket was a very nice find.

    1. yes, I always feel like I've won the lottery when I get things like that.

  2. Thank you so much for the warm welcome, Wean. I enjoy reading your blog and feel like a kindred spirit. :) What a great find on the jacket. Someone else's loss is your gain. :)

    1. Well thank you for your kind words Belinda, I've popped over to your blog and see I have a lot of reading to do, I'm sure I can pick up some tips and ideas from you.

  3. Trying again. I couldn't leave a comment earlier. Now I forgot what I had said! Anyway, I enjoyed this post. Could I go shopping with you sometime?? :)

    1. Ooh Henny I would love that.
      Let me know when you can pop across 'the pond' and I'll take you for a days bargain hunting and a 'nice cup of tea' as we say here in England.

  4. Well Wean, I have just read your blog, cover to cover, as it were. I am obsessed. Love it. I feel like you give me something more to aspire to. I hope people don't still leave crappy remarks. I couldn't believe it. Trolls. Your blog rocks and I will link it from mine in the next week or so. Thanks and keep grooving. Francesca from Tasmania.

    1. TM - I don't know what to say ! what lovely comments, how kind you are - thank you for giving me your time to come here.

  5. Wean, great finds! No, people don't really look. I hear some sadness in your post -- the move, other things. I know what a blanket life can be. Sigh. Hope today has been a good day for you! Loved seeing your bargains!




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