Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Why are some people so nasty ?


So why are some people so nasty ?  I refer to buyers on Ebay !  I don't know if you do 'Ebay' but if you do, you must surely have come across some of these people, the ones who try to rip you off at every turn, make untrue claims, report you to Ebay for things  you haven't done etc. etc.,

Ebay has, in the past, been notorious for 'coming down' on the side of buyers, whatever buyers have said/claimed in the past, Ebay has accepted without question, much to the annoyance of honest sellers.

I'm glad to say that now, things seem to be changing, and Ebay are accepting that there really are unscrupulous buyers out there as well as sellers.

So where's this going I hear you ask ?

Well as you know I've had several moves in the last few years, more than I wanted, and in the process have been selling off  'stuff' on Ebay to try to keep body and soul together.

On the whole, it has been successful, small sales, but every little helps.

Right then, I recently sold an aquarium accessory i.e. a sort of half battleship plastic model thingy that sits in the bottom of a fish tank and looks 'the bizz'.

OK- so far so good, suitably photographed (with my all singing all dancing new camera ) listed and sold - wonderful, thank you very much, my cats can eat next week.

But my euphoria was short lived, I received a complaint from the lovely buyer saying that the item is 'not as described' and is damaged - here we go again !  I absolutely know the item IS as described and could not possibly be damaged as when I pack something, it stays packed ! damage is out of the question - another buyer 'trying it on' to get something for nothing.

This was a couple of weeks before Christmas.  The buyer has continually tried to bully me into backing down and admitting I was in the wrong and sent out an item that was 'unsuitable for purpose'.  But if this has worked in the past for him, it didn't this time, he got the wrong one here !  I fought it every inch of the way, I reported him to Ebay, I made a counter claim - and guess what ?  I just heard that Ebay closed the case and payment will be released from Paypal to my account -  result !!
When a case is opened against you, any payment received is taken from your account and 'held' by Paypal while the case is being investigated, usually never to be seen again as it is returned to the buyer.

I hate to think of the amount of sellers that are bullied like this and back down, having their rating and feedback affected because of these nasty people who think they can abuse the system to their own ends - if you are an Ebayer and come across this sort of thing, if you really know you are in the right and have done nothing wrong, keep on fighting your corner, hang on in there and you will win.  This is vitally important if, like me, you depend on extra cash from sales of household stuff, don't let the bullies grind you down.

So I'm feeling pretty good right now, no doubt someone or something will come along soon and knock me off my perch ...... but that's life.

take care peeps ........


  1. Good for you!!!
    Been there, sold a couple of things on e bay and been ripped off by buyers ending up losing out. Closed my account and would never sell on there again. It's about time the rules changed a little to protect everyone.

    1. It's a shame you closed your account Dreamer but I do understand, it's so easy to get ripped off.

  2. I used to be a big seller on eBay, but due to fees and other things I gave it up. Some buyers just want to get their item for free and try it on, I am so pleased things worked out for you positively. You are strong for standing your ground. Go girl!

  3. Thank you TM, I suppose that's life isn't it, there will always be people who want to take advantage, but I can't let them win !
    A few little tricks help, I'll be posting about them soon.



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