Sunday, 12 January 2014

Your input/advice/thoughts needed please ...........


First and foremost a big thank you to Tasmanian Minimalist for her kind comments - I've come over all silly, so better move on.

Well today I've been doing some more work on my 'altered couture' garments, but 'Thug' had other ideas, so had to stop until he gives me permission to carry on.

This is a coat/hat stand in the spare room, under which are my 'efforts' in various stages of completion, covered by an old throw to keep the cats off  ! ! ! !

Don't let his innocent face fool you, he's just daring me to try and move him and he will strike - little buggar dear little thing.
and they won't even let me make the bed !  well I can't disturb them can I ?

OK - your turn - question number one (for the ladies)
I have very long hair, waist length, but keeping it looking good is a pain in the **** !  I always look like I've had my finger in the electric socket

No matter what I try, and believe me I've tried everything I can think of, my hair is always standing on end, probably why I wear it up on top of my head all the time, thank goodness messy buns are in fashion, actually I've had them for years.  So ladies, any advice please on how to tame my hair without spending a fortune, it must be frugal !  Oh and don't say 'get it cut' that's not an option.
Question number two - It's common knowledge that my computer has been surviving on a wing and a prayer (and quite a few threats) for a while now, but now it's getting really bad and must be replaced.  That's not the difficult part, although paying for it may be, my worry is getting all the data/info transferred to a new one.
PC World offer a service for £40, they say it will all be transferred, but I am still concerned.  I mean, how does it work, do I have to take my old computer to the shop, do they come to the house, do you know of a cheaper alternative ?  don't suggest I do it myself please !
I'm sure this computer has virus's/bugs etc., it's behaviour is so erratic, so will those be transferred over too ?
Do I have to register a new computer ?  you see I have a lot of concerns.  I wish when I wake in the morning the computer fairy will have been and sorted it all out for me.

So please all you computer whizz kids, let me have your opinions/advice.
A few funny road signs to tickle your chuckle muscles:


take care peeps ..........



  1. "Hot oil" treatment with coconut oil. I get a little plastic color applicator at the pharmacy, put coconut oil in it and warm it to liguid state in a cup of hot water. Squirt it on the scalp, massage it in and take a warm bath to give it time...just a few minutes is good enough. Coconut oil is reported to be very healthful for the skin, and indeed I use it for all manner of treatment with great (often overnight) success. I have even cured a case of pink eye by putting it in the infected eye, again dramatic results overnight.
    Then shampoo with Dr. Bronner's pure castile-soap. It costs more per bottle than regular shampoo, (here it's about $10) but it's made to be diluted and lasts a long time. I don't really dilute it much. I have short hair and I don't even use two whole regular-sized bottles a year.
    Then, because when I was a kid I had strawberry blonde hair, my mother got me started on vinegar rinses, which I still use periodically on my now-darker auburn hair. Even without the oil treatment, the vinegar tames and softens my hair. (Much the same result I remember from my mom using rain water in our hair.) I use Bragg's organic, unfiltered with the "mother" still in it. Also not the cheapest vinegar, but a wonderful product I use to correct a lot of health-related annoyances.
    I won't belabor with my anecdotal testimonials, but I would feel more than inconvenienced if I didn't have these three staples in my cupboard at all times.
    For the computer issue, I would call a Geek Squad and ask them what they recommend. Also, look up reviews on Yelp or some other such review forum for places that advertise to fix computers. I rely quite a bit upon others' reviews. Pick a place that not only has good reviews, but many reviews, unless you know a good local geek.
    Sometimes for general answers and ideas, I just Google my question and see what comes up.
    Interested to see what others might recommend for you. GOOD LUCK!

    1. Thank you very much for all that advice Penny - I appreciate that you took the time.

  2. If you can,t get coconut oil then you can use sunflower oil (the same as for cooking) I add a few drops of tea tree and lavender essential oils to the sunflower oil warm it slightly apply to DRY hair then wrap in a hot towel and plastic carrier bag for as long as you have, then apply your shampoo directly to your hair it is unlikely to foam rinse and shampoo again. Once you have washed and towel dried your hair run a small amount of the oil through the ends to calm them.
    I would ask at your local college about your computer issues as they often run courses so might have a list of those who have completed the course and are working in your area . The library might have a list of local "geeks" who might be able to help you. Good luck I live in fear of my computer giving up the ghost as it is now 5 years old so very old in computer terms.

    1. That's the second recommendation for coconut oil - must be worth a try.
      Thanks for the tips about computers too, my laptop is about 8 years old now, so more that ready to retire I think.

  3. I can second the use of coconut oil, just don't apply too much, I did that once and it took umpteen washes to get all the oil out - I did have gorgeous shiny hair afterwards though! My hair is also long and is of the wavy/frizzy variety. I find that if I brush dry hair it just sticks out wildly in a frizzy mess so to counteract this I never brush my hair dry. If I wash my hair in the morning once I brush it through when it's wet, that's it, I leave it to dry naturally and it will tend to dry wavy rather than too frizzy. If I don't wash my hair or I need to brush my hair once it's dry I brush it with a wet hairbrush and then leave the damp hair to dry naturally.

    Can't be of much help with the computer issues, my eldest daughter always sorts mine out - when my old one recently gave up the ghost she transferred all of my stuff to her external ahrd drive, then onto my new (to me!) computer. She then went on to buy me an external hard drive of my own as my Christmas present and has told me to back up files on there, not sure I'll get my head round that though!

    1. SV - you and I have exactly the same kind of hair ! coconut oil again ! I've got to try it.
      I've had a little look at some computers, I don't make decisions quickly I'm afraid, I have to come home and think about it first - but I reckon I will have one by the end of the week.

  4. Dear Wean, I love the funny road signs! Wish I could offer help with the computer, but you know me...I'm still learning. :) And, my hair is driving me crazy. Can't do a thing with it. My daughter says it is the weather...don't do anything drastic. The kitty cats are so cute!

    1. Thanks Henny.
      Well it seems the way to go is coconut oil - I'll be getting some tonight.
      Lynn has beautiful hair.

  5. Hey Wean! The cats look like trouble! LOL. I know that I always had a hard time keeping my cats out of everything, but I loved then anyway! As far as computer, I am not sure what to tell you, but I hope you get it all worked out!


    1. Lynn, Thug is more trouble than a house fill of monkeys - you'd better believe it !
      take care

  6. Go to

    These are professionals who work with computer repair, software and hardware. You will have to join. Ask your questions and they will help. Then, if the email is too heavy, just unsubscribe.


      I left off the www

    2. Thank you Linda, I really am appreciating all this advice.

  7. Computers I am a dullard about,so I am no help there. But, with your hair I found this site helpful Mine is dead straight but looks wild if I wash it on a morning and let it dry throughout the day. If I wash it at night, dry it and sleep on it, it tends to look sleeker.

    1. Hi TM, I had heard that using a hairdryer can make hair 'stick out' so perhaps after using the coconut oil I should leave my hair to dry naturally.

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