Thursday, 17 April 2014

If you're 'really' frugal, you'd be crazy to refuse a Sainsbury's (Nectar) clubcard ... !

My site is dedicated to frugality across the board.  Saving money, make do and mend, even making money where you can.
This means taking advantage of any opportunity that comes your way.

I refer here to one particular subject - store cards.

Now, if you fully understand how these work, you can save yourself a small fortune - no kidding.  The trouble is, a lot of people, who purport to be frugal by nature, won't use a store card because they (mistakenly) think they have to spend a fortune in order to get anything back.  This could not be further from the truth.

My favourite without a doubt is the Sainsbury's Nectar Store card.  Now I will say here, I am NOT a big spender, most of my shopping items have a yellow 'reduced' label on them.  I still present the card at the checkout however.

There are things we all have to buy which are not reduced, i.e. milk, butter, margarine, pet foods etc. etc., so we have to pay the full price for those, so why not get a little back ?

But what makes Sainsbury's stand out, is that when you pay at the checkout, you get 'vouchers' for money off and/or double/triple Nectar points

I use these often.  I have a car to run, and always wait for a Sainsbury's voucher for double or triple points on fuel, they come very often, so no need to wait long.

I have several cats to feed, now cat food can't be got 'reduced', so I use my card to buy that.

When you sign up for a card, you will be asked for your email address, give it willingly ! for here is another source of Nectar points (aka free money !)

You will receive regular emails from Sainsbury's with offers, i.e. if you complete a survey, you will get extra points, sometimes they have offers that you can 'accept' only online. i.e. extra points on fuel, so when you present your card the points will automatically be added to your account.

Also, you will be 'invited' to watch stuff like movie trailers and ads, now the movie trailers are very interesting and no hardship to watch, and you will get extra points for just watching - so instead of watching mind-numbing daytime TV, why not watch a few ads and add to your points total ?

There's loads more ways to earn as well, including Ebay, if you buy anything and have registered your Nectar card, you get points from them as well.

So you see I am a fan.  Anyone who refuses a Nectar card, in my opinion, must be a sandwich short of a picnic !  there's money for free here if you play it right.

But, then, perhaps you aren't that frugal after all, and don't need the extra pennies and points, and are just playing at it ?

Incidentally, I'm not affiliated to Sainsbury's or Nectar, just passing on information you may find interesting and useful in order to save and accrue points.

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