Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Update on The Lovely Leah ...

Well Lady Leah 1 has had a bad time, and a worrying one for me !  I've been up the last two nights syringing water into her mouth to make sure she doesn't de-hydrate, and also giving watery food the same way, doing this made sure she got her medications too, I ground up the tablets and mixed them into the 'soup'.

Three visits to the vet so far, and another one tomorrow, but I'm happy to report that this morning she ate on her own (two dishes of food) and is right now sitting up and taking notice.

She's half in and half out of her heated bed here, fast asleep.  You can see the sheepskin covered steps I bought for her to climb up and down onto her chair so she doesn't 'jar' her joints jumping.

This has been such a worrying time, I hope she continues to improve, she is so loved !!