Thursday, 15 May 2014

A Nice Little Bonus From Ebay ...

Any Ebay sellers out there will know it can be difficult to make even a small profit from selling your unwanted items online after fees from Ebay and Paypal have been deducted.  If you also mis-calculate on the postage you can end up out of pocket.

In line with my frugal lifestyle, I only ever list when Ebay offer 'zero insertion' weekends, or free listings as I call them.  Only 100 a month are allowed though, and this does sound  lot, but it is easy to clock up 100 listings when you put  your mind to it.  Small items seem to appear from nowhere and push the total up.

Well now Ebay have introduced something new, 20 'zero insertion' items every month, and that's on top of the 100 already allowed.  This is good.

Also recently, they started allowing up to 12 photographs for free for each item listed.   Before that, only one was free and each extra one was an extra 12p.  That can really push the price up if you have an item that needs to be photographed from different angles.  They have become more 'picky' with the photographs though, and some items I have had for sale for a while have been refused relisting because they say the pictures aren't up to standard all of a sudden, which means I've had to re-photograph a lot.

Anyway, that aside, this means there should always be items in my account for sale - that can't be bad.

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