Sunday, 8 June 2014

Goats ... and Rescuing Animals

I was recently talking to a lady online who keeps goats, and it brought it all back to me when I did the same.
I really love goats, in fact I really love all animals.  My two smallholdings were really rescue centres, I took in anything and everything that needed a home, be it fur or feather.

I had two pygmy goats called Lucinda and Lavender, two goats of mixed parentage (!) called Oscar and Daisy and Angel, the lovely angora buck.  I used to spin his fleece.

I also had sheep who lived well into their teens, chickens, ducks, quails, rabbits, cats and anything that turned up wanting a home.

I had polytunnels and grew all my own veggies and fruit, and sold the surplus.

It was expensive and back-breaking, but very rewarding and I miss that life and my animals.

 I lost it all when I had to re-home them when my landlord gave me 8 weeks to leave because he wanted the house back for a relative who was coming home from abroad.

I've never got over that.

I still have my cats though.

Perhaps one day I'll get back ... ?  I'll never give up hoping.

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