Monday, 2 June 2014

Saving Money at Sainsburys ...

Of all the major supermarkets, I love Sainsbury's the best.  It's within walking distance from me and I get most of my reduced items from there.  I get to eat their top range products at a fraction of the price.

They also give out really useful special offer coupons every time you shop.  I always wait until I get a double points one on fuel before topping up at their garage.

Anyway within the space of one week, I got a coupon that offered £3 off when £20 spent.  Now I wouldn't normally spend £20 in one go, but I thought I'd top up with cat food, kitchen towels, toilet rolls etc., the sort of thing I don't get reduced, in order to save the £3.

Well just as I was recovering from spending that much, I was handed another coupon that offered £4.50 off if £30 was spent.

Well after pondering on this for a while, I decided to bite the bullet and spend another £30 to get that offer too.

So now I have to go and lie down in a darkened room to get over the shock, but at least my cats aren't going to starve, they have a wonderful selection of food, and I've bought other stuff that will definitely be used and was needed.  So now I won't be spending anymore money for a while, special offer coupons or not !


  1. I just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your blog. Even though I live here in the states, I find lots of good tips.

  2. Hello mxtodis123 That's very kind of you, thank you.



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