Monday, 30 June 2014

You Can Be Frugal When You're on You're Own - But Not if You're Alone ... !

Now I know that sounds like a contradictory statement, let me explain.

When you live alone, you can control your spending, your expenditure and all outgoings with no one to answer to but yourself.  There is no one to argue with  you if you cut corners, don't put the central heating on or try to live a more frugal lifestyle.  End of.

But, if you have a partner/husband/wife who fights you every inch of the way, you are dead in the water and may as well give up.

Every penny you save, every cut you make, every saving you tot up will be wiped out by their 'couldn't care less' attitude as they go through life on a spending spree and having anything and everything they want 'just because'.

I'm talking about things like:

Wondering through the house and leaving every light burning behind them so the place looks like Blackpool illuminations.
Using a family sized oven just to cook one small portion of oven chips.
Re-heating food just because they didn't want it at mealtimes, thereby using more fuel, hot water etc.,
Are completely unable to go to a shop and come back with the one or two things they went for, they have to bring back several unwanted items, usually crap junk food, and increase spending.
Put one item in the washing machine !
Think nothing of jumping into a taxi.
Refuse to put on a sweater or extra layer and will happily sit in a thin t-shirt whilst turning the heating up.
Would happily go and buy new items of clothing instead of waiting for the washing to dry.
Fill the bath to the brim and empty the tank of hot water.

etc. etc. etc.  -  I wonder if any of you can add to this list.

Sooo .... do you live with a frugal saboteur ??


  1. You wrote this about me. That's why I prefer to do my grocery shopping alone and pay a tip for delivery. Despite tip, it ends up cheaper that way. And forget about home. Oh my. He has a thing for room sprays. Yes, I can understand spraying after using the bathroom, but a half a can? Yikes!!!! And then, and this one got my blood boiling, I happened to find a can of the citrus spray we used at work that I loved so much. It was expensive, but all you need is one little squirt and you are good for an hour. Well, you can imagine my chagrin when I walked in the door and the entire house smelled of citrus and my can was almost gone. I'd even hidden it and he found it. Grrr!!! But, I love him anyway.

  2. It's so frustrating isn't it ?
    Yes, shopping alone is much cheaper (and healthier!) I used to end up with all sorts of rubbish thrown into my trolley, biscuits, crisps, cakes, ready meals - argh !!
    It's a good job you love him - I got rid of mine !

  3. testing comment modification

  4. Spending a week's worth of grocery money on a trinket.

  5. Spending a week's worth of grocery money on a trinket.

  6. Spending a week's worth of grocery money on a trinket.

  7. I heard you the first time Lynn - ha ha
    I know what you mean though - spot on.



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