Saturday, 17 January 2015

A slippery walk, more fantastic bargains and diet progress ...

I like going for a walk in all weathers, especially as my lovely son provides me with the outer wear I need (via gift vouchers for birthday and Christmas).
I was out yesterday morning thinking that a light dusting of snow wouldn't make any difference but I nearly lost my footing on more than one occasion.  It was colder than I thought and the snow had started to freeze resulting in black ice in several places.  I got some 'shoe grips' last year, the kind that fit onto the bottom of shoes to stop you slipping, I'll be trying those soon.
I keep forgetting to take my camera when I go for walks, it's very picturesque around here, I'll leave myself a note by my pedometer next time !

More fantastic bargains, the prices really are next to 'giveaway' no profit is made on these sales of course, the shops lower the prices in order to get the stuff out in order to make space for new stock.  They are also performing a fantastic service allowing people to buy and eat food items they couldn't usually afford.  That certainly includes me !

Check this little lot out:

2 packs x 6 wholemeal bread rolls for 2p per pack. 

A treat - 2 packs x 12 scones for 2p each.  One for the freezer, one to enjoy now.
This was delicious, enough for two meals in this pack, look at the price.
Unbelievable or wot ?
I got three packs of this ready prepared salad with eggs, potatos, tomatos, and two packs of samosas.
Now for the veggies:

Two of these packs of large prepared for 10p
and two packs of smaller cut - some of these veggies will go into the slow cooker to make a warming stew, topped with:
'posh' potato dumplings for a touch of luxury - I would never buy these normally.
and for pudding, delicious yoghurt, 6 for only 10p, because the outer packaging was broken.   I'm so pleased to shop this way, it helps so much.
Now the 5:2 diet - I've only been doing it one week, that means I've only had 2 low calorie days, the other 5 days eating normally but healthily, and I've lost 2 lbs !!!!  wooo - hooo - result !!


  1. well done on the bargains, and congrats on the weight loss.
    Its very slippery underfoot here too, I have some of those grips I used to use them in town and pavement walking, wellies on the grass now but I still keep them in my winter box in the car.

    1. I'm going to venture out soon (probably looking a complete ****) but hopefully I will stay in a vertical position !

  2. Fantastic bargain, just wanted to say hi, just found your blog, will start reading it right through next week, x

    1. Hello and thank you for stopping by, hope you find some things of interest

  3. Well done on the bargains and the weight loss too xxx

    1. Thank you Trudie, I'm hoping for another 2 lbs loss by next week.

  4. I am jealous of your bargains. In between yellow sticker shopping at the moment, eating up what I already have.

    1. I know you get fantastic bargains too MQ, sometimes it's just a matter of being in the right place at the right time isn't it ?


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