Thursday, 22 January 2015

A stupid mistake ... duh !

Just a quick explanation of a stupid mistake I made this morning in order to clarify the situation.

I wrote todays post in several parts, as I usually do, having to break off to feed the cats, answer the phone etc., and 'saved' the post each time I broke off.  I couldn't find the post when I returned and wrote it out three times !  I thought Blogger may be having problems as I couldn't find the draft.

Anyway I got it published, then noticed that there was an extra post on my other blog, relating to the book 'Enough is Enough' in the left sidebar.  I checked it and found I had put today's post in there by mistake - now that blog is a serious one covering a serious subject, so I don't think anyone would have been too impressed if they found a post about stretching a stew and making a bag from upcycled materials !
Anyway, in my haste to put it right, I deleted the wrong post - duh ! so now, for anyone who has read it, or intends to read it, please accept my apologies if it seems a little 'disjointed'.

I know I can re-install deleted posts, but don't have time to learn how at the moment, I'll be able to do it later.

So once again, sorry if I've confused anyone. (That was definitely a senior moment!)

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