Monday, 12 January 2015

Cats - Boxing Clever and bargain shopping...

Hi and welcome to Sue15cat, a new follower, thank you for joining.

I've usually got a selection of boxes around the place for packing and posting stuff in, but I have to wait until the cats have finished playing with them first.

I sold this Samavar here, and had a box big enough for it, but look who got in first !  It's Rasputin aka Thug.  He thinks I can't see him.
He's settling down for a nap now - look who's quietly getting in on the act - Lucy, thinking she'll pretend to look out of the window but really she thinks she's missing something.

Yes, getting a bit nosier now ...

Right now she's evicted Thug, tipped the box over and moved in with the packing.  (she's a stroppy little thing)

The commotion brought Sopicat down from his heated des-res upstairs, so I had to give him a box of his own.

Here he is shouting at me that as he's been good enough to come down and grace me with his presence, I should feed him !
I got some bargains from the bread department the other day.  I used to bake my own bread, but by the time I'd bought the ingredients, spent the time in preparation, the energy involved in cooking, plus the washing up, I decided it wasn't worth it, so now I pick up reduced loaves when I can and freeze what I don't need immediately.  Just look at these:
Hovis 'best' bread, i.e. granary/seeded for only 10p per loaf. 

These packs of 6 teacakes were 19p a pack.  One for the breadbin one for the freezer as with the bread.

Two packs of plums for only 10p per pack.
A box of 12 mince pies for only 12p.  That's 1p per pie.  I'm a mince pie addict.  What's a girl to do ?
Thank goodness they're only around at Christmas time.


  1. Cats in boxes are fun to watch. Bickett loves a box. Dumperoo thinks you're up to something like maybe trying to close him up in the box. That bread looks delicious. I love bread. One of my weaknesses!

    1. I do too, but must cut down a little or I'll put on weight.

  2. Good bargains, the shops round here just never do anything as cheap as that - another one of the "joys" of country living

    1. Oh I now. I've lived in the country and miss it terribly, but I do appreciate the conveniences and money saving opportunities of getting 'back to civilisation'



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