Monday, 5 January 2015

Don't You Just Lurve Silly Questions... ?

First of all, welcome to simplesuffolksmallholder, a new follower (I haven't had one of those for ages) !

Haven't we all been on the receiving end of absolutely stupid questions ?  I'm sure the person asking the question just doesn't give a thought to how silly they sound.  Here's a few that are heard very regularly. (and some of the replies I'd like to give)

1. At the checkout: - Do you want any help with your packing ?
'Yes, this box of matches is soooo heavy, I will need someone to carry it to the car as well.'

2. At the Post Office Counter:  'For the purposes of security, what's inside the box ?'
My first reaction would be to say, 'mind your own business', but can't do that, so I say 'a porcelain ornament'
'Is it well packed' I'm asked -
'No, I'm hoping it will be smashed into a thousand pieces and the buyer can claim back a full refund and leave me negative feedback - thank you for asking'

3. 'Is this seat empty' - 'no, my invisible friend is sitting there'

4. 'Are you in the queue?' - 'no, I just saw a line of people standing here so thought I'd join them to see what was happening'

5. 'Yes if you've got it' is the standard reply when you offer someone in a shop an odd coin or two to make giving change easier, I want to say 'well I haven't - I'm just winding you up'

Have you any to add ?  I'd love to hear them ...



  1. Yes silly questions, on the post office one they are not suppose to ask you what is in the parcel and when asked I respond with you are not suppose to ask the contents you are suppose to ask if the parcle contains any of the items on the restrictions list, so please ask me again correctly as you have been trained to do. :-)

  2. That's a very good point Dawn, you are right and it's something I had forgotten, I have got so used to being asked directly what's inside the package !
    I will bear that in mind on my next trip to the Post Office.


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