Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Frugal, Quick and Easy Microwave Pud ...

Are you, like me, guilty of not using your microwave to it's full potential ?  I  only use mine to warm stuff up, and bake potato's.  I'm going to make a determined effort to use it more, to save time and money on electricity.  To start, I found a recipe for a very quick and almost free pud cooked in the microwave in a mug in just two minutes !
This picture isn't mine, it's from smithias spicy flavors, I ate my pud before I remembered to photograph  it, but this will show you what it looks like.
First of all, you don't have to cook this in a mug, you could use ramekin dishes, or a small microwaveable dish for one larger pud.  The advantage of using a mug is you can add whatever topping you like and eat it straight from the mug.
It's so easy and 'almost free' because everyone will have these ingredients in their cupboards.
In a mixing jug or small bowl (no need to get out your processor or mixer and make extra washing up) put:
4 dessertspoons of flour (any flour)
2 dessertspoons of sugar (I used one and a half as I don't have a sweet tooth)
2 of oil (any cooking oil)
2 of milk - add a little more if the mixture is too stiff
1 egg
That's the basic ingredients, you could add any flavourings you like, some dried fruit etc.,
Mix  it all together with a fork, and pour into the mugs (this makes enough for two - cook one at a time) you can lightly grease the mugs first if you like, I didn't, and it didn't make any difference.
If you're making it in a pie dish allow extra time.
Microwave on full power for two minutes.  Remember it won't go brown, you can test it by just pressing it and if it's spongy then it's done.
Put a spoonful of jam in the mug before adding the mixture, some chopped fresh fruit, anything you like, and serve with custard, ice cream, yoghurt etc.,
I hope you try it, it probably takes longer to read the instructions than it does to make it ! but once you've done it once, it will be second nature.


  1. I'm going to try this tonight for tea I think!

    1. I'm sure you'll like it. I would suggest you cook it for one and half minutes and then test it and see if it's coming away from the sides of the mug. You can always give it extra time if it's needed.
      Thanks for your comment

  2. Mum used to make us a big microwave cake for pudding when we were little. We used to call it Bouncy Castle Cake! I like it with syrup drizzled on top.



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