Friday, 2 January 2015

Give a Dog a Bad Name ...

It seems the mighty giant Tesco are suffering from a lack of customers !

Early last year there was quite a bit of controversy over the 'alleged' mis-handling of profits, and it seems, mud sticks.

Previous regular customers seem to be switching their loyalties to the other 'big boys'.

It's noticeable - very noticeable.  I called in this evening, Friday tea-time, and the aisles were virtually empty.  It used to be a struggle to get around at one time.  I even drove  up to the front entrance to park, that would be unheard of before the scandal.

I will continue to go to Tesco, and Asda, and Sainsburys, in fact wherever there are yellow stickers and the best deals, I'm afraid I can't be too principled when it comes to saving the pennies, and as we all know, 'every little helps'.

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