Wednesday, 7 January 2015

I Re-Use, Recycle and Reduce like Crazy, but still manage to have full bins !

In my never-ending quest (!) to reduce my carbon footprint on this planet of ours, I'm always looking for ways to re-use and recycle etc., but still manage to produce quite a large amount of waste, to my shame.
I try, I really do, but my bins are always full.  Frugality always has to be my number one priority, but this can produce extra 'food' for the bins.

For instance, I buy bottled water because the water in my area tastes dreadful, and believe it or not, buying 6 smaller bottles actually works out cheaper than buying one larger one.  I re-use and upcycle many of these empty bottles (there's zillions of ideas on the www) but you can't recycle them all.
I buy a lot of food for my feline family, pouches mostly, sometimes tins.  The pouches are also packed in boxes making double the packaging.  I also recycle a lot of these boxes, my main use is for when I sell a fragile item on Ebay, they make good strong packing boxes.
Cat litter - I have three of those a week too, I cut out the inner strong brown paper lining, run a hot iron over it and store it for packing also, this saves me buying any more paper.  I also use this for craft items.
Plastic bags, love 'em or hate 'em, they're everywhere.  There has been talk for a long time about discontinuing them (the free ones that is) but it's not happened yet.  This again is a double edged sword, because I reuse the bags in lots of different ways,  mostly as bin liners, so that saves me having to buy them.
Margarine/yoghurt tubs and anything with a lid on always come in handy for storing sewing supplies and small items,  also small leftover items of food, sauces etc., for the freezer, but they last forever and  you can't keep them all.
Clean waste paper is shredded and used as packing, I also use it for my handmade papers.
There are many other examples, but there's always too much to recycle and it ends up in the bin.
I do my best ...


  1. just popped over to see your blog and have joined, I like your sense of humour, I hate the waste as well, I wondered if putting your tap water through a filter would make a differance to the taste, before our move I hated the tap water and found filtering it made it palatable.

  2. Hi, Dawn, thank you for joining.
    I tried a water filter once and it didn't make any difference, plus I kept forgetting to buy the replacement filters - duh !

  3. I try my best to recycle all my paper, bottles, and cans. The packaging on items is ridiculous, but I know much of it is put there for safety reasons.

  4. Cat pouches, cat boxes, cat litter - all produce more throw away stuff than us. Plastic bags are used as bin liners and bread storage but eventually they will end up being thrown. No, our bins are still full even though we re-use and recycle as much as we can.


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