Thursday, 15 January 2015

Loving my fireplace and knitting ....

First of all, welcome to Lovely Grey - nice to have you here.  I've been following/lurking around your blog for quite a while !

I'm loving the way my fireplace is looking right now.

I started the central jug for Christmas filling it with holly, ivy etc., now as some of the contents are dying off I'm replacing them with evergreens and berries which I collect when I go for a walk.  I love the 'natural' look of it.  The jug was for sale on Ebay, but I decided to keep it !
The flowers on the left were yellow-sticker bargains (yellow stickers don't just apply to food items) there are two bunches in that white vase and cost me 37p.
The small glass vase at the front with the white flowers are silk, and cost me £1 at a charity shop.  They even have little rosehips on them, I love it.
A couple more views of my 'favourite wall', they're a bit dark, but it was a dull day and not much light about.
You can see I am a fan of 'The Chase'
Right, some knitting now.  I'm trying to reduce my stash of yarn, which will be no mean feat believe me, and in so doing make more space in cupboards etc.,  I'm making small items which will go to my Etsy shop,  I have quite a few to list when I get a 'roundtuit'.
I'm working on wrist and leg warmers at the moment. I found this lovely soft creamy yarn, and it's working up beautifully, I'm tempted to keep them, but I have enough and that would be defeating the object.  Here are the wristwarmers and legwarmers, finished but not sew up yet, worked in a cable pattern.
and finally, just because ...
Lady Leah 1 says 'that was very nice Mum, any chance of seconds?'  -   sure is Sweetie Pie, you only have to ask !
Lady Leah 1 is now 20 years old !

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  1. I love your fireplace too. Your place looks beautiful! I would love to be able to knit like you. That cable pattern is so pretty. 20 years old! Bless her heart. She looks so sweet.


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