Saturday, 24 January 2015

Moving swiftly on ...

Just had a couple of 'difficult' days.  Life has a way of throwing up several problems at a time doesn't it - that's when it gets stressful.  Everyone has 'stuff' to sort out, it's all part of the great plan, but a little help wouldn't go amiss now and then.
Anyway, thank you for your concern, I appreciate it.

So, not being in my right mind recently, I've fallen off the wagon I'm afraid to say.  That's the dieting wagon.  I was due to weigh myself this morning, but can't face the scales.  I've pigged out on some goodies (reduced of course) to make myself feel better - no excuse - I am a pig - official.  I only have another 4 pounds to go, but they're all around the middle and the very devil to move.  I shall behave this coming week and face the scales next Saturday.

Over the weekend I shall be sorting out more cupboards, the trouble is I can rarely bring myself to get rid of anything, it's usually just moved around and designated for Ebay, altered couture or just 'saved' for my next house.  I have tidy clutter.

I am suffering withdrawal symptoms.   That's 'crafting' withdrawal symptoms.  My fingers are twitching to get hold of knitting needles or crochet hooks.  I hope I can find time for some 'yarn therapy' this weekend too.

Hope you all have a productive or relaxing weekend, whichever suits you.


  1. Oh Wean! This post could have been written by me...except I can't write like you. I had lost six pounds and was feeling good about myself. Since Christmas my nibbling and tasting has turned into big time eating. Why do I do this! Hope you have a good weekend and feel better by Monday.

  2. Thanks Henny. It's so hard to lose those last few stubborn pounds isn't it.



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