Saturday, 3 January 2015

My Frugal Christmas Tree

OK - not exactly a Christmas Tree, but it's my only concession to Christmas this year, and I like it.

I went out and gathered the proverbial Holly and Ivy, some fircones still on the branch, some dried rosehips large and small, and some twigs just stuck in for effect.  Oh and a lily that I was given.  The best part is that it was free, and it should last some time yet.

I would have put some tiny led lights amongst it if I could find them !  they're still stashed away somewhere from my last house move.


  1. Oh Wean, that is just beautiful!

  2. Thanks Henny and thank you for visiting.

  3. Wean, I love it! And I love the look of the entire room there! Wishing you a happy peaceful prosperous New Year! Lynn
    PS - been trying to clean up my blog and get my blogging act together. Got your link in my sidebar.

    1. Thank you Lynn. Happy New Year to you too.
      I like the 'new look' of your blog.
      Thanks for popping in.


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