Friday, 30 January 2015

New TV programme about saving money ...

I watched a new programme last night (from my sick bed).  Basically about 'teaching' people how to spend less and live just as well if not better.
The family featured wanted to build an extension on their bungalow, and they reckoned they needed to save £40 a week in order to do this.

Now all you frugalistas out there will probably be thinking the same as me, i.e. why do people need 'teaching' how to spend less ? to me it's common sense not to buy luxury goods and stuff you don't need, but apparently, some people just don't 'get it' unless it's pointed out to them.  The result, after getting them to switch to own brands and stop wasting food, was a whopping saving of £70 a week !

£70 A WEEK SAVED -  strewth - they must have been wasting a hell of a lot of money.

Anyway, that was a result, but what impressed me about the programme, was the fact that they had two small boys, and no matter what was put in front of them, they ate it !  now there's a novelty these days.  They ate all the veggies, sausages, pasta meals as well as roasts.  Well done to those parents, they may have been spending much too much, but they're bringing their sons up the right way.

Nothing annoys me more than children who 'dictate' to their parents what they want to eat and the parents who comply !  who's running these households ?

When out shopping, I hear all the time, mothers asking their children 'what do you want for your tea' - argh - I could scream at that one.  Now do they really expect their offspring to say 'well actually Mother I would rather like a salmon steak, served with a green side salad, broccoli and a delicate cheese sauce''

Judging by the contents of their trolleys the answer was, 'burgers and chips/nuggets and chips/pizza and chips and how about snacking on a 48 pack box of crisps, and disgustingly 'messed about with' breakfast cereals.

'Nuff said ...


  1. I watched that programme too and just thought 'more money than sense' about that couple - hope you're feeling better soon xx

    1. It makes me angry - I never had money to waste and hate to see other people doing it.
      Thank you for visiting

  2. I was a fussy eater when I was young, but my children weren't - until they grew up and became vegetarians and vegans.

    1. I used to be vegetarian and loved it, but the strain and extra work involved with a 'carnivore' family became too much and I caved !



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