Friday, 9 January 2015

Quick, easy no-mess egg on toast cooked in the microwave ...

I love poached eggs.
I love poached eggs cooked the 'proper' way, i.e. in a poaching pan, over boiling water, in a little bowl with butter added.
I don't like poached eggs the way you see chefs prepare them, i.e. drop them into a pan of boiling water - ugh ! all they taste of is water because they have absorbed so much.  Everytime I've tried that, it looks like the pan is full of white lace !

Waiting for eggs to poach can take some time however, and then you've got the pan and little cups to wash up afterward.

I found another 'use your microwave to its best advantage recipe' today, that solves this problem.

Poached eggs on toast in the microwave - quick, easy and no washing up.

Toast a slice of bread
Butter it
Press down a 'hollow' with a fork or spoon
Gently break in an egg trying not to let it overflow the bread
  (small/medium eggs are best)
Prick the yolk with a cocktail stick or the tines of a fork
Cook until the white is set, this will depend on the size of the egg and the power of your microwave.

Enjoy ! 

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