Saturday, 31 January 2015

Ramblings from a dilirious mind ...

I'm beginning to think I have bronchitis - flu like symptoms that just won't clear up.  A nasty mucus cough that is making my chest hurt and slight fever.  I've tried to get rid of it, but now I will have to go to the doctor on Monday (providing they don't class me as a bed-blocker that is).
I can't remember the last time I went to the doctors, and I resent the fact that older people are classed as 'bed blockers'.
Older people have paid into the system all their lives, and so are deserving of some attention.  To my mind, the reason the NHS is in such a state is because there are too many people coming into the country, who have not, incidentally paid anything for their treatment !

During term time, I see a young woman walk past my house a couple of times a day obviously heading for the local school.  Now, this may upset some, but I'm not going to wrap it up, she was huge, obese - FAT.
She was always nicely turned out in fashionable clothes however, even though they did look like tents.
Anyway, I've noticed just lately that she seems to be shrinking - yes, definitely losing weight, I'd say she has lost about one third of her weight and looking good for it.
I've no idea if it is through diet alone or if she has had her stomach stapled, but whatever it is, it's working for her.

I feel like the Michelin Man myself right now, I have on so many layers to keep warm, 2 x tee shirts underneath a sweater, then a padded zip up body warmer, with a long scarf wrapped around my neck.
I'm wearing leggings over tights, with socks and ankle warmers on top, and on top of all that, I'm underneath a thick throw - and I still can't get warm.

There's a favourite film of mine on the television, Dickens Great Expectations, and I'm watching that.  I don't 'do' sitting still for very long so am not enjoying this period of inactivity.

My small house is quite dark and I have lots of big plants in here that I brought with me from the big house.  They've been looking rather sorry for themselves lately, due I'm sure to lack of light, so I've aimed my standard lamp at them with the daylight bulb, they seem to appreciate that and are improving.

Sorry for no pictures lately, I just don't have the energy.


  1. Don't worry about blogging, just get better x

  2. Sending healing wishes your way.
    Maybe a bourbon, lemon and honey hot toddy will help, at the very least it may help ease the discomfort.
    Lots of rest, ooh you've already taken care of that one :)

  3. Oh Wean. I'm sorry you're feeling so bad. Hope it goes away fast. I'm feeling pretty much like the Michelin Man myself and it's not from wearing lots of clothes. I do wonder how that woman is losing all that weight! "Tents"! You make my smile. Even when you are feeling bad. I love the way you write. Take care.

  4. Wean, sorry you feel badly!! I hope you are all better soon! Believe me we have situations regarding Healthcare and free benefits that are downright maddening!! Get better soon!! Xo Lynn



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