Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Saving money, stretching food and a bit of name dropping ...

First, welcome to 'a Brit in Tennessee' thank you and welcome.  Check out this blog, it's like a bit of England coming from the good 'ole USA.

It's very satisfying to save money in any direction, especially if it has to be a way of life.  One of my favourite cheap meals has to be the good old stew.  I made a humungous one at the beginning of the week with all the yellow sticker veggies I got on my last bargain hunt.
All the usual stuff goes in, I use vegetable stock cubes for flavour and a good slug of tomato ketchup with gravy granules for thickening.

Each day I add a different ingredient, i.e. a tin of cooked beans, tinned tomato's, sweetcorn, dumplings or cobbler topping, I also freeze several portions too.   Today I will be liquidising the remains to use as a tasty vegetable gravy.  Sometimes I put a spoonful of the thickened mixture in pastry squares and make little pasties.  Spooned over a baked potato makes a tasty snack too.

I found a tote bag I made for Etsy some time ago, I thought you would like to see it here:

It's made from upcycled denim jeans with retro furnishing fabric, it's lined with the print as well.   I'll put it on Etsy when I get time together with the ever growing boxful of other stuff waiting to be listed.

Coincidentally, I noticed this morning that Meanqueen has been making bags too, she has been busier than me, making 4 !

I 'found' a great idea from Froogs of Frugal Queen this morning - cauliflower rice !  I've never heard of it but apparently it's been around for a while, I guess I'm a bit slow in catching on.
Basically the cauliflower is blitzed before cooking making a rice-like texture.  I can see great potential for this, not least introducing more veggies into your meal to get the 5-a-day.


  1. Your stew looks delicious, I'm always partial to a good stew, especially with dumplings.
    How kind of you to give me a mention, I'm quite take humbled.
    Your tote is neat, you are a talented lady !
    Well done.

    1. Your welcome Jo, you do have a lovely blog ! thanks you for visiting.

  2. The stew does look delicious. I've been cold all day. A bowl of stew would be perfect!

    1. Yes, I love the way it lasts - I call it 'elastic stew'.



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