Tuesday, 20 January 2015

So many opportunities for over 60's to save money .....

If  you're your over 60 and enjoying your retirement (or not!) there are so many ways to save money and make your pension stretch further.

I talk enough about saving money on grocery shopping and show pictures to prove it can be done, but now I'd like to remind seniors of other ways to save money.

First of all the travel concessionary pass has to be the most well known and really can save a small fortune as well as enabling older people to get around without the hassle of driving/parking etc.,  When I first got mine I didn't use it, it felt like I was cheating somehow - but now I use it regularly.

Many restaurants/hotels give pensioners a reduction in prices, as do cinemas and theatres.

There is a Senior Rail Card that allows you to save one third on your train journey, check it out.

Hairdressers/Nail Parlours also offer concessions.

Entrance fees for shows/fairs/fetes and also many 'day out' attractions.

Car insurance is another area where big savings can be made.  Mine is due for renewal in April and I'm switching to Saga, I will save £130 a year !  now that's worth having.

If you're the energetic type, gym membership will be reduced for you as will membership fees for walking groups etc.,

Most of the service industry offer a reduction for seniors, check out their websites and/or newspaper advertising.
Here's a tip for this one, if you have to 'get a little man in' to do a job, and he advertises senior reductions, get your quote first, then when booking the job mention that you will expect his 'concession' to be subtracted from the total.  DON'T tell him immediately that you are a pensioner, it has been known for the reduction to be added before being taken off if you get my drift.

And remember, if you don't see a 'special offer' on a service or fees - ASK, you may be surprised.  All these small savings add up, and always bear in mind, you are NOT being given charity, you have paid into the system of our wonderful country all your working life, it's your right to have these reductions, you deserve them.

I you have any suggestions yourself, I would like to hear them.


  1. Thank you for that info. I'm 60 in April and I thought the only thing I might benefit from was free prescriptions as I don't actually get a pension until 66.

  2. I won't get my pension until I'm 67 and our local bus company has now raised the age at which they issue bus passes from 60 to 65. I was looking forward to getting mine in a couple of years time, but now I have to wait another 5 years.



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