Monday, 12 January 2015

Thank You and a Warning ...

Thank you to those who replied to say they could view the blog as normal.  Still got a few  adjustments to make though.  I don't know what happened, it looked like a jigsaw puzzle when I checked yesterday.  The colours  had changed, the left hand column had disappeared altogether, and the two remaining columns were all over the place and the text size and font style are different, I'll sort that out later.

Anyway, another worrying thing happened this morning, an email supposedly from Paypal saying that I had made a payment of £36 to some company or other - I hadn't.
I've checked and thank goodness no funds have been taken out, I've passed it onto Paypal.

I've also changed all my passwords.


  1. We kept getting those strange emails pretending to be paypal. We deleted and notified Paypal and haven't had any lately

  2. I hope they stop now too, it's not the first time. You can see how people get fooled by these scams, they look so official.



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