Saturday, 10 January 2015

What NOT to do if you want to sell on Ebay ...

First of all a big welcome to two new followers, Kate, and Dawn from Doing It For Ourselves in Wales.  Thank you both for joining.  I hope you find something of interest here.

I sell on Ebay.  Stuff that I've been carrying around with me from two large farmhouses, which I just don't have room for in my modern (temporary) box of a  house.

Obviously there are ways to go about selling on Ebay which I'm sure you all know about, but here are two, that I am frequently guilty of, which will stop you selling anything.  Read and learn.

1.  Photograph and list your item.  Simple enough.
Place it on the fireplace, dresser or bookcase where you can admire it whilst waiting for it to sell.
Think to yourself:  'Hmm, I really like that' - 'that looks nice there' - 'someone will be getting a bargain with that'.
Then start remembering when you bought it/someone bought it as a present, and the memories it brings back - that's it - you're a gonna now, you've reached the point of no return,  You're sunk.  There's no way that item is going anywhere.  So it stays on the shelf or goes back in a box in the back of the cupboard while you cancel the transaction, and end up paying final value fees for nothing - which wasn't exactly the result you wanted.

2.  Photograph and list our item.  Simple enough.
Put it away in a safe place until sold.
It sells - whoopee ! - so now find it - if you can !
No matter where you look, you can't find the said item because the safe place you put it in, is so safe, it's now impossible to find.
I spent all of today, slowly methodically and calmly, going through 17 cupboards, cleaning, wiping and tidying as I went, whilst looking for a 'small pale blue vase, Scandinavian style, excellent condition' I can now say categorically, it is NOT in this house.
I now have to issue a full refund with a grovelling apology and some excuse as to why I can't despatch it AND pay the final value fees.

I have tidy cupboards.


  1. I hope the vase dosent turn up or that will be a double wammy, I have more or less given up on ebay now and much prefer preloved no fees, or gumtree. they remind me of how ebay used to be :-)

    1. I may give gumtree a go. I tried it once before and decided against it but can't remember why ! it's another outlet anyway isn't it ?



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