Thursday, 26 February 2015

Burning a candle for Stephen ...

I had to take two cats to the vet today, I knew it would be sad.  It's Stephens funeral day.

The atmosphere of sadness was tangible with the girls with red faces and eyes.  Two of them have gone to the crematorium and taken the flowers and cards that have been left at the surgery.

They have had a beautiful white leather Book of Rememberance made and it was on the desk for anyone to read and sign, it is trimmed with black ribbon.  I opened it but only managed two lines before I had to close it and take a deep breath to hold back the tears.  Above the book is a picture of Stephen, smiling, that was enough to start the flood of tears, yes, I embarrassed myself in the surgery, but wasn't alone.

They said they were going to light a candle at 4 pm, the time of the funeral, I have done the same.

Stephen was a very private man and his relationship with clients was purely professional, but he had that undefinable 'way' with him that endeared him to so many.  His kindness and compassion was so much appreciated by those who needed it.

One of the girls said that on the last occasion she saw him, he had told her to remember him to me. That means so much.

I always sent Christmas cards and a small present for him and asked after him during his last months when he wasn't fit to work any more.

I think the funeral will be over now, time to blow out the candle and say goodbye Stephen.


  1. oh dear me, sometimes you don't realize how much you care for someone until they are no longer around......

  2. Deepest sympathy, sending you hugs x



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