Sunday, 22 February 2015

Busy Hands ...

First of all welcome to a  new follower - Gill - that British Woman, thanks for joining Gill, hope you find some things of interest here.
I've been catching up on crafting whilst having my tiny entitlement from the NHS.

This is stuff I've made for my Etsy shop, I'll get it put on later or tomorrow, I have about as much energy as a limp lettuce right now.  I enjoy the designing and making process, but then tend to leave stuff waiting to be made up because I want to get started on the next item, so I've always got a plastic box of finished  things putting pressure on me !

scarves, legwarmers, wristwarmers etc.,
This is something new for me.  It's yarn/twine made from handspun fabric strips for use in embroidery projects, couching etc.,  I'm also working on some wristwarmers/texting gloves in a new (to me) crochet technique which I love but it is time consuming.  I have finished one and will show you pics when both are done.
Do you have an Etsy shop ?  do you sell your craft work ?  I'd love to know what you do and if it works for you.  It's well known that craft workers never really get a fair price for their work.  Crafting takes a lot of time and the items would be ridiculously overpriced if we worked out the prices per hour.  I did that once and it turned out I was working for 20p an hour !  It's more a way of  expressing creativity I think than making money.
Let me know what you do.
That's it for today, hope you are having a better weekend than me.

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  1. cute model there...LOL I do craft a little on making a baby quilt at the moment, should have more done on it this week, fingers crossed!!



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