Thursday, 19 February 2015

Buying sensibly can save you £4.44 on just three everyday items ...

I thought this morning I would share how to save £4.44 on just three items that we all need everyday.

First, a large tub of butter/spread - usually around £2.49/3.99, Iceland sells for just £1 - that's a saving of £1.49/2.99 (and it's not rubbish either).

 Milk usually around £1.49 for a large bottle (4 pints) Iceland and Asda now sells for 89p - and most of the larger supermarkets sell it for £1 now.

 Bread can be had for 40/45p own brand - a saving of 85p on the cheapest 'brand' loaf.

So you see that's a total saving of £4.44 without having to change your shopping habits too much or hunt around for bargains. (I hope I've done my sums right, my brain still isn't functioning properly)

Iceland prices are well worth checking out i.e. large packs of veggies for just 89p, can be cheaper than fresh and just as nutritious.

I just have to mention here how I was totally shocked yesterday morning when in Asda.  I was checking the price of the margarine/spreads to compare them with the product I get from Iceland, most were between £2.49 (special offer) and £3.29, many were more than that, but I had to do a 'double take' when I saw Lurpak Light - IT WAS £6.24 FOR A 1 kg PACK !!!! - yes you did read that right.  I just couldn't believe it.  Are there really people out there so lacking in brain cells that they actually pay that ?
well there must be I suppose or Asda wouldn't stock it.

Then some people wonder why they have too much month left over at the end of their money !

PS - the wine you can see in the picture isn't included in the bargains !  actually it's still there because

a. I've been on anti-biotics and other drugs so can't touch alcohol and

b. it's ******* awful !  it will be used in cooking, that's all it's good for !

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  1. good post, I pick up milk at 89p usually for month at a time, but I do prefer real butter to spreads, I get the welsh butter from Tesco's it was on offer £1 a pack so I stocked up and popped it in the freezer, my bread works out at 30p a loaf as I make my own.
    the price of lurpak is shocking :-)



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