Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Feeling washed out and doing my bit for animal charity ...

I'm really  feeling drained and washed out right now.  This year has been hard going so far, what with having viral pneumonia which started with flu at the beginning of  December.  Then the infection which resulted in the huge swelling on my face, it's going down now thank goodness, but I've had three courses of anti-biotics this year already, each one stronger than the one before, and I'm not happy with that.  I'm wondering if that's contributing to this feeling of exhaustion.

My three elderly cats have all decided to become poorly at the same time as well.  Each one needs different treatment and meds, two of them are showing signs of improvement but Sopicat is struggling bless him.  He has heart problems and FIV which means health problems hit him harder and take longer to clear up.

Itty the Kitty has taken up  residence on my bed and won't come down, so that means I'm up and down the stairs more times than a yo-yo on a string, that's wearing me out too.

Also I feel emotionally drained due to hearing of Stephens death (my vet).  I took a condolence card over to the surgery earlier today,  two of the girls are going to the funeral tomorrow, they will pass it on to his partner.

I've had lots of fishing equipment hanging around here for ages that I've been trying to sell on Ebay but not had any luck, so I took it all to the local dog's shelter charity shop this morning, its worth around £250-£300 for the lot, I hope they get good prices for it all, every little helps the animals.

I'm off now, one of the invalid felines is shouting for food ...


  1. that is kind of you to donate the fishing equipment. I hope you feel better son.

  2. You've been through a lot this year already! Hope you and kitties feel better soon. I love the pink on your bed. It looks warm and cozy.

  3. It never rains, but it pours. I am not sure why that is so true but it seems that as soon as you are down life throws a spanner straight at you. I hope that you turn the corner soon.



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