Monday, 2 February 2015

It's Viral Pnuemonia ...

I'm not surprised, I have been playing down the symptoms somewhat, after all there's nothing more boring than someone rabbiting on about their symptoms is there ?

Two visits to the hospital, one to the doctor and one ex-ray.
I declined their invitation for a few days 'inside' i.e. the hospital.  I can't leave my cats.

I'm not happy about the medications I've received though, I'm not a pill-popper and after reading through the list of 'side effects' and 'warnings' I very much doubt if I shall be taking them all, I will take my chances with anti-biotics I think.  It made me wonder if in some cases it's the disease that kills or the medications.
 I've also been given one of those 'things' that asthmatics have, like a plastic container that you squirt some liquid in and breathe it in, that's to open the airways.

 On a lighter note, I've had to smile, I was lying down with my hands across my middle and found that if I exert a little pressure, I  can sound like one of those teddy bears that growl when you press their  tummies - I found that quite funny, well you've got to laugh haven't you.

The noise I'm normally making when breathing, is like a loud creaking - think old door opening and you've got it.

Thank you for your good wishes, I really do appreciate them all, forgive me for not thanking you personally but I'm a little tired, and hopefully I'll be back to annoy you all very soon.

I have to say I have received the best of attention from the NHS, no delays, I was treated with the utmost respect.  I will never believe a negative report about the NHS again.


  1. Oh Wean you are sick! You take care. I hope you're feeling better today.
    I feel the same as you about medicines. I'm afraid of them.

  2. Oh heck, I had a dose of that, much to my surprise last autumn. I had to spend a couple of nights in hospital on a drip. Really nasty thing. Takes ages to get really well again so take care. Don't do anything to energetic for several weeks

  3. Hope you're feeling better soon - take care and rest up a while, it takes time to get over something as serious as that xx

  4. I hope you can start feeling better soon, now you know what you are dealing with.
    My daughter has had this illness a few months ago, thankfully it didn't get any worse and she was able to overcome it.
    Rest, rest, rest.
    Healing wishes to you dear lady.

  5. We have been having similar issues here. It takes a long time to get through this. The antibiotics help, I think.

  6. It's horrid I had bacterial pneumonia a few years back. Knocked me for six.



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