Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Mama's got a brand new bag ...

My old, well loved bag finally gave up the ghost just after Christmas and I've been searching for a replacement since then.
I've been 'managing' with this little one, nothing wrong with it, it's real leather, but ridiculously small.

As you can see, when my purse and specs case go in, I can't shut the bag !  I also need the large purse for my cards, bus pass, bank cards, and special offer coupons of course, so a big bag is a must.

Now when it comes to a new handbag, I have needs !  not for me an overpriced designer jobbie with a 3/4 figure price tag, no, my bag needs to be functional, practical, spacious and hard wearing.  You would think that's not too difficult to find, but other considerations have to be a flat bottom (I hate floppy bottoms ) they make a bag look like a sack.  Also loads of compartments, compartments within compartments, and more compartments.  Separate sections for all the odds and ends we carry about with us, you know what I mean don't you girls ?  oh, and very important, a looooong shoulder strap.  I have small shoulders and can't for the life of me keep a shoulder bag in position so I wear mine across the body 'nerd style'.  So that was my list for my perfect new bag.  Now when I say 'new' I mean new to me, definitely not brand new, that is against my principles, it would have to come from a charity shop.
Several weeks of looking yielded nothing except me getting more and more annoyed having to cope with the 'Barbie' bag above, also with having to be confined to quarters for a while whilst being poorly I haven't had chance to look around for a while.
This morning, out and about for the first time, I went to do the round of the charity shops and came across this little beauty
Now when I say 'little' it isn't really it's at least twice the size if not more of the old one.
It's a BHS bag and is just perfect.  Everything I need and then some.
Even little loops for my pens
Loads of compartments too which I can't photograph very well 'cos I've only got two hands.
Now there is/was a 'but' -  nooo shoulder strap.  I bought it though because it's just what I needed in every other way I thought I may be able to get a strap from a charity shop, or upcycle a belt or something, when I had a lightbulb moment - the strap from my laptop bag would be just fine. 
I never use it, and it has fitted perfectly
Ta Dah - a 'perfect for me' bag for just £3.00.  Just goes to prove 'everything comes to he/she who waits.
And if that's not enough, I called in at the next charity shop and picked up this little number
Again, lots of compartments plus the shoulder strap already in place.  The little bit of silliness i.e. the silk kerchief will be removed and used in a craft project.
This one has a nice lining too.  Just like the buses, you wait for ages and then two come along at once
 The price of this one ?  a whopping £2.00.
Sorry about having to hold it open, but it's the best I could do.  I asked Sopicat for help but he didn't want to know - typical.
I thought you'd like to see these flowers I was bought last week to help me get better.


  1. A win win, you get a gorgeous new bag and a little more money for a good cause!

    1. That's right Josie - everyones a winner.
      Thanks for visiting.

  2. I always have problems with bags staying on my shoulder too, I am not really a bag person and if i can I stuff my purse keys glasses and phone in my pockets, my lovely purse i have had for yonks is now being held together with an elastic band still o the hunt for a decent purse :-)

    1. ha ha, sounds like my old one ! I even had a couple of stapes here and there - just for effect though !

  3. Great bag there, I liked the scarf on it.

  4. You sound just like me looking for a new bag. When I do find one I like, I use it for years. I love a long strap too. You did good! The strap is just perfect!



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