Sunday, 15 February 2015

My book is selling - how sad ....

Yes, you did read the title correctly.

I've not been doing much lately due to being poorly, and I forgot to check to see if I had any sales, and I have.

My e-book is selling and it makes me sad.  It's not exactly flying off the shelves (or being downloaded at a rate of knots) but copies are being bought.
So that should be good right ? well yes of course if it's just the money that matters, but it wasn't for monetary gain that I wrote it.

I would like to think I've helped at least one person escape a life of misery however much it costs.

Of course I would like to get back the money that it cost me to get it 'out there' i.e. getting a professional cover designed, and also paying for the formatting to make it suitable for downloading on all applications, i.e. cell phones, pc's, laptops, tablets etc. etc.,.  I haven't recouped it all yet.

I don't think it was coincidence that it was Valentines day when copies sold either.  Times like this bring it home to people just how sad and unhappy and unacceptable their situations/relationships are, and make them think about doing something about it.

If you want to know more or are just curious, the link is here in the left sidebar.


  1. I had a boyfriend when I was 21 who use to beat me all the time, he had a split personality, people use to think he was wonderful as he was a local fireman, but behind closed doors he was voilent and nasty , I was a silly young woman who thought I loved him and always forgave him, there were many a times I wasn't allowed out the house because I had black eyes and bruises all over, I just wish I had been stronger and left, but lucky for me he went off with someone else. Then I met my wonderful hubby, who treats me like a princess.
    Well done on your book sales x

  2. SL - it's very often the case that abusers are thought of as wonderful people, they can fool everyone with their charm. You weren't silly, you were a victim. I'm so sorry to hear of the suffering you had to endure before being set free, but happy for you that you have found peace at last.
    Thank you for your comments.

  3. I have a dear friend that kept her secret of being abused for many years. It was very sad to find out what she went through. We had no idea and wished we could have done something to help her while it was going on.

  4. Hello SO. This is a very common story. The 'abused' tends to keep the situation quiet in the mistaken belief that they are to blame. Unfortunately, this is very often the case. Abusers are usually seen as 'great guys', so the cause of the trouble has to be with the wife/girlfriend who comes to believe it herself and suffers guilt and shame on top of everything else.
    Sadly, even families can turn against you (this happened to me) and the more you try to protest your innocence, the more you are blamed. It seems to be a no-win downward spiral.
    I'm sure you would have helped your friend if you had only known, I hope she has found happiness now.
    Thank you for your comment/

  5. I must clarify my comment - 'unfortunately, this is very often the case' - I didn't mean that the 'victim' was to blame, just that they believe they are.

  6. Sad that it's selling, but you are offering a lifeline to so many, so happy that it's selling too. I do hope you recoup your costs and a lot more besides. This is a book that HAD to be written, well done to you for writing it. xx

  7. Hi Sue. Thank you for those comments, I appreciate it.


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