Friday, 20 February 2015

My son's business - from a Mother bursting with pride ... !

My youngest son has always been a hard worker, and has always had ambitions to succeed and provide his family with a high standard of living.

He worked hard at an apprenticeship, attended college regularly studied and worked hard.

It wasn't easy for him but he was committed to owning his own business and never gave up.

He has had his own business for some time now, he is successful and is well thought of and praised for his commitment to his work. He is a perfectionist.

His business is kitchen/bathroom/bedroom/office supply and fitting.  Many of his orders come from word of mouth from 'very' satisfied customers. He is based in Shifnal, Shropshire.

Needless to say I am bursting with pride.

Here are some pictures of the inside of his showrooms.

You can see some of his 'thank you' cards here, he doesn't have them all on show, he is a very modest man.
That's a very strange looking woman with that camera !!  must tell son to stop allowing the riff-raff in off the street !
I occasionally go over and 'mind the shop' for him while he's out measuring up and giving quotes, this is where I sit.

I love this little sign he has on show, you can see it on the worktop in the picture above.
That's my Honda there, and the pub opposite that tempts me !
I know the pics are a bit 'grainy', the batteries packed up shortly after taking these pics, and  didn't have time to take them all again.
So there's my unashamed 'gloating with pride' post for today.


  1. you have every right to boast, the success of our children is something to shout from the roof top, businesses have had a run of tough years so its great to hear of some thriving :-)

    1. Thank you Dawn, he's worked so hard, and now does 6 days a week !

  2. He's worked hard and deserves it well done to him.

  3. You should be gloating! What a neat business he has. That woman with the camera looks pretty!

    1. ha ha, pretty ugly I think ! it's amazing the weirdo's that come through the door !

  4. The pride we have for our children when they do well makes those hours of giving birth all worth it.

  5. those are some lovely looking kitchens that your son has on show.

    1. Oh Gill they are beautiful ! with all the modern bits and pieces like the washing up dispenser built into the worktop ! I live in a rented house and the so called kitchen is **** ! but I get my share of kitchen loveliness when I spend a day there. If I ever win the lottery, I've already chosen my favourite.



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