Saturday, 7 February 2015

Still walking wounded ... and getting addicted to You Tube ...

First of all thank you for your kind comments and messages.  When you live a somewhat solitary life, they mean a lot.
I'm about to start the second round of anti-biotics, the  first lot haven't done the trick.  I think my age may have something to do with it !

I've been making lists of craft items I want to make and learning new techniques on You Tube.  So many lovely things to do, so little time.  My ever-growing list of things to do is getting out of control.

My brain cell still isn't firing on all cylinders, so I won't waffle on today.  Back soon.


  1. I hope you are soon on the mend, you tube is fantastic for getting ideas :-)

  2. Oh my. Another round of antibiotics! Sure hope you're feeling better. I need to come up with a new craft. I am so tired of making bonnets and aprons. I have to make myself sit down at the sewing machine. But then somebody will buy a couple of bonnets and I get all excited again.



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