Thursday, 26 March 2015

3 into 2 WON'T go ... !

Whatever is going on in the minds of the road planners these days ?

I had to take a friend to the emergency hospital in Shrewsbury today and had to negotiate three 'new style' traffic roundabouts - what a nightmare !

Back in the day, approaching an island, the inside lane meant you were turning left, middle one meant you were going straight ahead, and the outside one meant you were turning right.

Oh no, that was too easy wasn't it ?  it's all changed now.  Approaching the island in one of three lanes is the same but when you get half way around, the three lanes suddenly merge into two !  no-one seems to know where they are supposed to be , it is a complete shambles, and lots of accidents are just waiting to happen.

This is one of my worst nightmares and my case was proved right this morning when I saw two cars collide directly in front of me - just feet away.  I couldn't blame either of them neither knew where they were supposed to be, no road markings on this new roundabout to help, I just managed to stear away to the right to avoid being involved.
How stupid this new system is.  I've spoken to taxi drivers who also have trouble knowing which lane they are supposed to be in and even bus drivers are struggling to get it right.

Madness !!!


  1. and you know what the sad thing is, somebody was probably paid big money to invent that!!

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